SEO- Search Engine Optimization and Website Analytics

Get Your Site Found

What good is a website if it can't be found? Without any optimization that is the predicament your site will be in. If you create your own site using many of the online tools available there is no optimization. In fact, many web designers do not provide any optimization or site submission, leaving it to you to contract an SEO company. SEO can be a very time consuming, very expensive, full time job.  When you have a site designed by Webscape Developers we will do basic SEO (included in the cost).

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Service includes:
Search Engine Optimization SEOResearching and inserting keywords into title tag and meta description.
•Setting up site with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
•Installing Google Anaytics Tracking Code
•Installing Bing Tracking
•Manually submitting your site to major search engines.
•Submit your website to several directories
•We will instruct you on how to get all-important backlinks.
•Provide information on Adwords pay-per-click ( ppc )

More in depth optimization is available. The cost varies based on a number of factors.


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