Joomla and Wordpress CMS for Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites and Blogs

Keep up with the competition with a Content Management Site

CMS Features

web design flowchartCMS, also known as Content Management, has become the format of choice for a website. Unlike static sites which have predesigned pages that are "set in stone", CMS sites designed with Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress or a number of other CMS programs. These type of site design is responsive and dynamic, utilizing a database. Content Management gives the end user the ability to add, change, or delete articles, pictures, links, forms, menus, etc. This is accomplished by logging in online to an Administrator dashboard. For site visitors, website screens are displayed based on information requested.

While there are a number of CMS programs available, Webscape Developers utilizes Joomla for websites. If you are looking for just a blog then Wordpress would be a good choice.

Joomla Sites

We use Joomla for all sites whether they are small or somewhat complex with a large amount of content and bandwidth such as a real estate site. It is our preference for a very professional businesslike website. Joomla is a good choice for client access and editing. Numerous plugins are available making Joomla very flexible. Joomla sites can also include blogs although blogging is not the focus of Joomla. This site was created using Joomla and includes a small blog as an example.

Wordpress Blogs

If a blog is the purpose of your site then Wordpress would be a consideration. For a blog there is no equal to Wordpress. That doesn't mean Wordpress can be used for blogs only. Like Joomla, Wordpress has an immense number of plugins to extend it to do so many things. Wordpress can also be added to a static site to provide a blogging feature to a fixed front end.

If you require a site that will be constantly updated, needs options such as a "Members Only" area, Magazine type articles, a Blog, etc. then a CMS site would be your best choice.

Mobile Technology

Finally, in todays mobile society, it is essential that your site can be viewed on a smart phone. Ipad, or other tablet computers. With that in mind all sites designed by Webscape Developers are "Responsive". They will reformat themselves to the size of the screen of your mobile device.

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