CMS Websites- Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress?
To Blog or Not to Blog? Affordable Web Designer?

What is the best choice for developing a website that works

For any business it is essential to have a website. Nowadays this is "Marketing 101". What better way can you get your business out there in front of so many potential clients or customers without breaking the bank? So, how much of a site do you need and how much should it cost? This will vary greatly based on the size of your company, your target market, your market area, etc. However, for most small to medium businesses it doesn't have to be a big expense. Affordable but professional websites are available. Below is an overview of some of the costs for having a site.

Typical website startup costs

website buildingIn addition to the cost of a Domain Name (about $15 per year) and hosting for your site (usually $50 to $250 per year for shared hosting) there is the cost of creating the site. This can be done yourself for free using tools made available by many companies such as those that host sites. So you may now be saying "that's the way to go"! Well, it isn't. Although you may have fun doing it, just compare it to your competitor's sites afterward and you will realize it looks very basic and generic. It won't have the appearance of the kind of site that will keep a visitor interested so how is it not only going to attract clients but keep them on your site? The problem is these free sites have a limited number of templates to use and they are generally bland. You will find your site looks like every other site created there. Finally, these sites provide little or no optimization. Without SEO optimization no one will find your site.

You could pay a lot of money for a very "high end" website. Unless you have money to burn this isn't necessary. Webscape Developers can design a very nice and functional website at a reasonable cost. Whether you need a 3 page starter site or a hundred screens with shopping carts we can provide you with a site that looks good along with SEO, Search Engine Optimization so your site will show up in search engines.

All sites we create are CMS (content management site) sites. They are responsive mobile friendly web pages. Please reference our page on CMS Websites.

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