Has your Joomla site been hacked?

Or... would you like to prevent hacking?

hacked websiteHacking has become an increasing problem with Joomla sites as well as all others including Wordpress, Drupal, etc. You may or may not know when your site is hacked. It can be done for various reasons. For example, when someone does a Google search for whatever it is you offer, click the link to your site but end up on an online gambling or a porn site. Some malicious code is used to simply bounce spam from site to site so it can't be traced. This type of hack is usually not noticeable to you. However, it is seen by Google or by your host. When your host sees the hack you will usually receive a notice. Google may mark your site as hacked in Google searches costing you valuable traffic and business! 

There are many ways to help prevent hacking such as keeping your Joomla version up to date along with any extensions that you use. Having your site hosted on a shared server can be very unsecure. A dedicated server would be better. Unfortunately for many smaller businesses a dedicated server is a big expense.

So, what can we do for you?

Assuming you are using Joomla 3.0 or higher...


  • Update out of date versions (Joomla and extensions)
  • Install a firewall.
  • Install an additional file auditing app.
  • Set up a more secure backend login.
  • Use Geoblock to block access from specific continents and countries.
  • Protect .htaccess file.
  • Add spam protection
  • ...and more


  • Scan for malicious files.
  • Look for back door.
  • Delete malicious files added by a hacker.
  • Clean legitimate files modified by a hacker.
  • Backup clean site.

Monitoring (Optional)

  • Run malware scans.
  • Check file integrity.
  • Add new hacker URLs to the blacklist.
  • ...and more


The cost for our services is a minimum of $200.00. This includes up to 3 hours of work, firewall, and auditing app. Monitoring your site is $25.00 a month billable quarterly.

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